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wobild VC Icon Option.

With wobild icon Add-on you can easily add icons with Text and customize it:

 #General Tab

  • Icon Pack:Select icon from following libraries;
    • wobild
    • Font awesome
  • Icon: Select icon from library.
  • Icon Color: Select color for Icon.
    Note: Select custom color to enable color picker
  • Icon Hover Color: Select Hover color for Icon.
    Note: Select custom color to enable color picker
  • Background Shape: Background shape for icon.
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Rounded
  • Icon Size: Icon size in pixel.
  • Icon Alignment: Select icon alignment.
  • Icon Hover: If you Select. Hover Design Options Tab added.
  • Link: Add link to icon.


#Design Options Tab

Within Design Options it is possible to control:

  • Margins, Padding’s and Border for overall element or just left, right, top or bottom part
  • Border style
  • Border color
  • Border radius
  • Background color
  • Background image and position style


 #Title Tab

  • Text:write Title text here.
  • Font Size:Title font size.
  • Hover Color:Select Hover color for Title.
  • Space to Top:space between icon and Title.
  • Font Weight:Title font weight.

#Description Tab

  • Text:Write Description here.
  • Font Size:Description font size.
  • color:Select Text color for Description.
  • Hover Color:Select Hover Text color for Description.
  • Space to Top:space between Title and Description.
  • Font Weight:Description font weight.